Stories From Selma

Dr. Victor SingingEagle


Dr. Victor Singingeagle cheerfully welcomes us into his office in Thompson Hall. "Let me just finish imputing this attendance roll real quick," he tells us. "She was here, he was not, he was here, Oh! He was late," he sings behind his desktop as we set up for our interview. 

Dr. Singingeagle exudes joy and zeal for his job. He tells us he spent his entire Spring break writing letters to various non-profits and famous people to try and find someone to save Concordia College Alabama. "I even sent one to Lavar Burton, boy am I crazy! I’ve sent out, probably 150 so far, maybe more," he says. 

The associate professor of English is fluent in Mandarin and spent 8 years teaching in Taiwan, and yet since 2012, he has been committed to the students and community in Selma. Despite the difficulties Selma faces as a community, it's the students that continue to bring Dr. Singingeagle back and fill him with his current enthusiasm to save the school. 

"If I had known when I was young there was such a thing as an HBCU, I probably would have chosen an HBCU. The nurturing of these students is a little bit better...we, as teachers with the kids have one-on-one contact with them."

Q. What is a Historically Black College (HBCU)?

These kids, each one of them is a future.
— Dr. Victor Singingeagle

The potential of each of his student's futures fills Dr. Singingeagle with hope and assurance of his calling as a professor. It's the opportunity to impact many lives for generations that keeps him going. To save Concordia and it's mission for Singingeagle would only create a domino effect of goodness. 

Q) How has the news of the school closing impacted students?