Stories From Selma

Nate Pinkston


Gerral (Nate) Pinkston grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He came to Concordia College Alabama to play baseball on a scholarship. A self-described "knucklehead" when he was younger, Nate left Concordia College Alabama after a year to attend a school in Arizona.

"When I went over there I realized how much Concordia was doing for me. I realized that I actually had people that cared at this school. So after I did a year there, I came right back. That’s when I started going to spiritual life and chapel and I got it together," he says. 

CCA is where Gerral says he grew up. He talks about a math teacher who would spend hours with him to make sure he understood the material and could complete his homework. He also became a Lutheran as a result of his time at the school. 

Q. Why did you become a Lutheran? 

Nate calls the people he's met at Concordia his family. To see the school close is hurtful and frightening he says. As a police officer, he fears the crime the deserted campus may attract in the city. Once the campus closes, several acres of land in the middle of two major streets will sit empty. Selma faces extreme poverty and crime with violent crime rates five times higher than the rest of Alabama.

We already have our hands full, but this is just going to be another place we have to look after,” Nate says. “There are not many jobs in Selma and the people that are working here, they’re going to have to find something else.
— Nate Pinkston

Q. How would you describe your time at Concordia? 

Nate believes the school is what holds many people together in Selma, and he's sad to have to say goodbye to one of the most impactful places in his life.